Two Sides of Ana: Ignacio is a total loser.

Yesterday I watched Ignacio, attempt to kill his ‘father’ before he finds out that his 1st son is a bustard.
And I was like… did you have to do that?

Actually when he asked the nurse about the medication she was giving the dad I was like…
don’t be stupid man! But as usual he did not listen.

He acts as though he is just inquisitive, and then he pulls a wrong move,
that was the same trick he pulled on Ana and they were locked in the lift.

People in commas normally listen what is going on around them and am sure the dad heard every thing,
but he was helpless to fight back.

I have a feeling the fall of Ignacio the great is just about to happen!
Though he thinks that he can now make savings to take him thru the bad times when the truth is known to every one.

I cane to learn that at times we may be given opportunities but we don’t even notice how lucky we are…
because we spend a 1000times bragging on what we have, rather than putting to use.

What if Ignacio was not that arrogant, stupid, and drug addict…
may be even after realizing that he was not a Bustamante he would have gotten some courage to face life on his own.
But No, to him the only asset / talent he had was his father’s name.

I wonder what waits for him.
But lets watch on/


Making your self part of the team and be a team player.

Honestly speaking am not the write person to write about this.. however i got to talk about and share with everyone. I like talking so this won’t stop me. So lets roll.

To begin with, there are 5 things that matter most in business.

    and the price

Our personality styles stand in our way most of the time… but the good news is these are things we can change about our selves. Basically all humans are expressive, reserved, change oriented, thinkers and creators. However our percentage in each of these areas differ from person to person.

The most important part in a team is to understand each other, accept one another, respect their feelings, as we do that, we attract more people to our lives.

I remember i used to say am not a ‘peoples’ person: that was my simple way of saying; i don’t like crowds please keep my space clean. But as move thru life you realize we keep on meeting new challenges, issues, lessons that shape us and help us grow from one level to another.

As we accept others, we learn to love, and develop unity among us…. what more can one ask for if we are all united. Amazing things can be created when people are united.

A team is made by 3 steps:

    Storming(Bring up ideas).
    Norming(Work out common procedures).
    Forming (Form a team, with a common goal.).

Another thing we need to look at is our habits. Basically these are ways to express our knowledge, skills and desires.

    Knowledge:- What to do?
    Skills:-How to do it?
    Desires:-Our Motivation.

As humans we are born as dependents, then we learn to be independent then inter-dependent and finally we become defendants again. that is how our cycle is.

So if you watch kids trying to do their own thing, it’s the way of life… just a change in us. but for us to be more productive we need to be inter-dependent. And that calls for a team.

Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective People.
These are part of your; habits, Attitude, Relationships, Balance and then you can write your Legacy

    Be proactive.
    Begin with the end in mind.
    Put 1st things 1st.
    Think win/win.
    Seek 1st to understand then to be understood.
    Sharpen the saw.

All habits start as Duties, then they grow to Disciplines and finally we delight in them. At that point we find our selves doing them with out even noticing. So be encouraged that we can change our habits to what we want them to be. Once we develope what we know, and our skills, then our inner person will develop and finally the out side will grow.

However you can do an out_in approach to change your life, am told when some1 is pleased with his/ her looks he starts to look at things with courage, determination… and with time the inner person also starts feeling like a winner.

One more thing i learned is that, being in a team doesn’t mean that you don’t bring up your ideas. Arguments are not bad. They help get information, even the painful info will come out during an argument.

Setting up a successful team.

    Stardardise work and performance.
    Select members of skill and potential.
    Pay attention to 1st meetings and actions.
    Set clear roles and behavior
    Set and seize a few performance task and goal
    Refresh the group with new information and task.
    Spend a lot of time together
    Exploit the power of positive feed back recognitions and reward.