The Two Sides of Ana

The Two Sides of Ana

There are soaps that don’t start with enough drama to keep you at yo toes. And “The Two Sides of Ana” was that, to me, until last weekend! Oh my I could not wait to watch the next move!

That was beautiful.

 Ana in 'The Two Sides of Ana'

Ana in 'The Two Sides of Ana'

Overview of “The Two Sides of Ana”

“The Two Sides of Ana” a story of a woman that lost her mother and brother due to the cruelty of the Bustamante brothers. She decides to carryout an audacious plan to destroy their privileged lives. Passing as an elegant and sophisticated woman, Ana soon finds herself in the middle of a fervid love triangle. But an unexpected encounter with actor Piero Landa brings true love and happiness into her life.until she discovers that Piero’s real identity is Rafael Bustamante.

170 thoughts on “The Two Sides of Ana

    • Ana is released on bail and she is in acting school. She looked so happy, well before she looked in Rafael eyes.
      I’m just waiting to see what happened at Rafael’s presentation before Ana’s class.

      May be just let me know what exactly you want to be filled in, and I will see how I can help you out.

  1. i so much love Ana and in real life i hope she’s married by Rafael Bustamante, Vicente is character i admire, Katy is so charming and deserves a man like Vicente. i hope that ingnicio lots in jail.

    • Well that is what happened at the end of the day. These stories end the same way… i may say.
      But as women we like seeing those expressions. the joy the cry and everythg.

      Vicente married Katy, and Ana married Rafael… as for Ingnicio, he rested in jail.
      Am just looking 4ward for the reunion of Anna and Rafael.

      Those two their love is just in their eyes…. I wish real love was like that! ha ha ha….

    • I can’t wait to watch his face the day he finds out that he is not a real Bustamante.
      it’s like that is the only thing he knows about himself…..

      Somethings have their way of making. He actually takes after his father.
      So arrogant and proud.

      Btw. He is a good actor. that is why most of people hate him…
      he is good at being the bad, stupid, arrogant bustard son.

      enjoy friends.

  2. you people, please tell what happens later- i never wished ana to suffer until i saw her in jail- what happens to elaine and her stupid friend tina?
    please let me know thaks alot

  3. I am afraid for the day Ana is going back to Raphael, she is waisting the poor film director’s time, all Telenovela end end up with the main charecters being married, so why using somebody else for your temporary happiness. As for Ignacio, jail awaits you, may Vicente regain his memory very fast so Icgnacio’s evilness can be unveiled , cause only Vicente can unveil the truth..

  4. Please let me know what happened in the end. what actually became of Elane, Tina, katty, Vicente, Ignatio? Did Rafael actually marry Anna?
    Like this soap!

    • Oh dear, Ana married Rafael, And Vicente married Katy!! That is one couple that amused me.
      Elane was jailed. Tina, went broke Mr. Million never showed up after the ‘Bustamate’ thing and trips to Paris.

      Some1 wonders why the always get replacements… until the so called love birds get married… i thk it’s to make the stroy alito longer! ha ha ha.. and it adds some action to the movie.
      What do you guys think?

      Thanks…. I did not know 2sides of Ana had mob funs.
      keep it up, keep it on.

  5. wow! that’s great but now after meeting in that class(i mean Rafael and Ana) what really happened? how did the two eventually reconcile?What about Eric and Elane’s sister? and oh dear Mrs. Graciella, what about her?

  6. Ms Graciella, later accepted her OLD guy who keeps on giving her all those charming compliments… . he is not bad at all.

    Elane’s sister died. I think during birth. Eric later hooked up with Ignacio’s ex-wife.

    We still have along way to go with dramma.

    Rafael and Ana reconciled after along time of suffering and blocking their feelings.

  7. Pls could someone tell me how the whole story ended. I also hear it has a book is it possible to have it and if yes how. thanks

  8. Thanks Akoola! Why was elane jailed? Do you think she was actually responsible for her sister’s death? if so how ? Did Rafel believe Ms. Graciella’s story about Elane’s responsibility in her siater’s death?

  9. i wish Raphael discovers so fast that Elane is responsible for the sisters death and all her stupid lies about Ana so that they can be happy once again with Raphael coz i really like their couple.How will they discover that ignacio is responsible for Ana’s misery?

  10. thanks akola. please keep us updated about the fate of elaine especially and also how did ignacio come to know that he was actually not a real bustamante?
    thanks again

  11. Ana you are real a good actor, i wish you could came here one day to see how crazy we are about you! Katty angel you also lock, gustavo, vincente you are both good, keep it up. chao

  12. hey wonderful account on ana but i need to knw how to change the sight to english or hve the site on english so i can read it

    • Hi? Am sorry this in English… well edited English sorry if you did not understand? You can always ask.
      However other documentations about 2 Sides of Ana on the net are not in English.
      But you can always translate with Google Language tool and read the story…

      Continue to enjoy yo self.

  13. hi.
    its nice to find this blog! do you have episode summaries for the whole story or do you know which site i can find them??

    good work, keep it up

  14. hi.
    its nice to find this blog! do you have episode summaries for the whole story or do you know which site i can find them??

  15. I wish Tina will become more poor as well as Irene. I also feel sorry for Santiago , poor man….he is deeply in love with Ana and i think they are going to separate. Is it not so?

  16. Plse post latest developments in 2 sides of Ana. What’s going to happen with Santiago? Will he get married to Ana? I’ve been away for a while and missed 2 weeks episodes.

  17. two sides of ana is so nice, i love watching it so much. I would like ana to start dating santiago that way rafeal would be so jealous and they would go back together.

    • Guys about the update about two sides of ana…
      Nah, i don’t know one details.
      However there some clips on U-tube. that will give you the highlights of the whole thing.
      Am told it a new soap on the block.

  18. I would like to know what happened next after Ana’s interview in the magazine? Did that guy confess to Anna about eiline’s intetions.
    Am dieing to know how Tina ended up with the millionaire? hahaha

    • Tina met the Mr.$$ at the Golf course. She acted as though she has a problem with her leg and the the desperate man came to help.
      I thk that was the 1st string she pulled on him. The Magazine guy wrote the best article about Ana. and that made Eilene more mad.

      They will have to look for another way to fight back. Cos the 1st back fired.

  19. We r all so crazy abt ths soapie in our home! I really hope Irene, Ignacio & Tina gets wats cumin 2 them! I jst wonder whats gona hapen 2 poor Santiago & I really wanted Katty 2 end up wit Dantè, bt i gues Vicente is not so bad either. Dd Claudia really have 2 die?

  20. thanks for the updates! Thats cool guys keep it up i really missed this week’s episode! am glad i have some update on what happened. Mrs. Graciella and the old man were so interesting. what a couple they will make if she finally accepts to be friends with him! Tina is relly decieved to think that she can be Mrs. Bustamante’!

  21. i love watching two sides of Ana, but is so eager to know what will happen next, what will happen to santiago how will Ana and Rafael’s conciliation be? What price will Irene pay for what she did, please keep us posted.

  22. who between Santiago and Rafael will save Ana from Ignacio. i hope Rafael saves. they surely deserve each other. though i Santiago did his best.

    • I think Rafael. Much as Santiago loves Ana, I don’t think he can fight for her … he can simply protect her.
      Rafael has that puppy love that u can do somthg in one minute u can’t explain why. He kind of looses his brain around Ana.

      However i don’t see that in Santiago. So i believe it will be Rafael.

  23. I realy love the confident in her to face this family that everybody in it disowned her on baseless lies.Iwonder what will happen atlast.

  24. I hope Anna is not going back to rafael, she must just stay with sadiago, that guy deserve her!

    Rafael that and he must just go his Irene

  25. I want to see Irene lost everything inclunding Rafael.
    Hope justice will be done for Ana so that she gain peace of mind.
    At last Ana must marry Rafael, Katy for Vicente…..

  26. Ana please go back to your love pf your life although you are keeping telling Santiago that you love him…….. you body language telling the truth that you love lafel

  27. please can you guys send me a picture off anna with raffael, and tell me why is anna pushing her self like that ? she knows it very well that her heart belong to raffael but she is just pretending as if she loves santiogo

  28. I really hate the fact that rafael is not with ana. I really want to know what happened to the director’s feelings for ana after she reconciled with her love rafael

  29. much as all the teles end the same way, i hope with all my bieng though it is impossible that ana ends up with santiago. any way i have never liked a tele the way i adore the two sides of ana there is a way it is unpredictable.

  30. it was the best prog i have ever watched.bravoo to the was just the best.i will really miss that prog.pls pls cant they act another one?cant wait for it!

  31. What will be the next step for Ana and Rafael, are they going to marry each other? Is Ignacio going to be in jail to pay for what he did to Ana’s family?

  32. Ana is just so charm and strong considering th difficulties shes going through, i like Ignacio though because i am a bit corrupt. ha ha, love exists.

  33. At last Ignacio is going to rot in jail. Am over joyed because justice is at last served to Ana and her loved ones.

  34. I think Raphel and Santiago will not be with Anna cause she will end up dying, I am so happy for for Cathy and Besente cause bot of them deserve each other, why is Irene getting that she want its unfair to Anna

  35. hi! please akoola can you please tell us more of what will really happen to ana, rafael, irene, ignacio and tina please! Dying to know what will happen! How will Santiago going to be shoot by Ignacio? will he really die, poor guy!

  36. Anna will not end up dying, what will happen is that, Santiago will find Anna and that crazy men ignaico, then Santiago gets in the way and Ignaico will shoot him, he will die.

    Can someone send Santiago to Namibia! for my attention


  37. i liked the soap because it had a lot to learn from.That true love is the greatest.Ana married Raphael,Eric learned to love Vania even though she was barren.He agreed to adopt a child which Ignacio would not accept.Ignacio is sent to jail in a wheel chair where he is sentenced to life imprisonment.Katy is married to Vicente and gets a kid.Irene is arrested a Tina finds a job as a janitor.Ana and Raphael get married they are blessed with triplets.the soap ends

  38. i think Raphael has got that teenage character where he doesnt know what he wants but with Santiago, he’s mature 2 know what he should go for and i think him & Anna deserve no love of suffering.

  39. hey zat serie is really very gud..i really like it a lot…
    can u plz tell me the title of the song that both anna n rafael use to listen…that romantic song…i love it bt i dnt knw its title….can u plz give it to me…thanks

  40. why Annna you play with Santiago’s feeling?why you decided to take Santiago while you were in frustration?You cannot go back to Raphael who make you suffer a lot,if it means you have to follow your heart,why Raphael he did not follow his heart. Annah you are not trusted because now you break Santiago’s heart you ruined his life.Cathy she have a big mouth and she a snake biter because after all she the one who told Santiago about Annah’s suffering from Raphael,and Santiago try by all means to make Annah to be happy,but again Cathy she wanted Annah to love Raphael because she fall in love with Besente. Someone who hurts you how can you go back to him you Annah?I think Hileni and Agnaceo the made a good part to punish Annah,she can think about other’s people’s happiness,why she go back to Gustavo with all this suffering,Annah you make Santiago very painful,and we views we are not happy about your come back to Raphael what are you trying to tell us,its bad for Santiogo I feel bad let this soapie finish,and we forget you Annah you are evil like Hilen

  41. Now how can this old women Gracia accept Annah’s wish to go back to Gustamante family,how do she think about Santiago who helped Annah in those difficulty time,we thoughty Graciala you are a very strong women to help Annah to tell her the truth now you are also choosing Raphael what about Santiago?you Annah go with Raphael who did not deserve you @ first he just followed Hilene the evil women let him take Hileni,Anna must go back to Santiago who stand for you in that difficult time

  42. It was better for Iganceo to kill Annah cause she never accepted Santiago’s help,Hileni you must come back and destroy Annah

  43. thanks that anna have finally found her man of his life even though it is from bustamante familly that has made her suffer alot…… anna is now a haapy womwn with her tripplets

  44. i love all the characters in this soap please do send me the last episode of this iwould like to be the first to know

  45. i like the soap so much but would like to know what happened to elane, why did she go to jail, was it because she killed her sister or she did another awful thing, i hate that woman, actually how will they find out about her bad acts

  46. how did mrs Gasiella convince rafael that elene was a bad woman, how did kati and vicente fall in love, they were two different pipo

  47. i want to be updates and recieve summeries about this nice and very interesting soap. I want to know what happed to Vicente because they have searched for him but he is still lost.
    Tehanks alot!!!!!!!!

    • Am sure all Eyes are waiting to see wch miracle that guy is likely to pull…
      Vicente can’t believe that his brother could he end his life like that.

      When the blood is wrong, then nothing can make it right.
      Lets wait for Monday and see if he will show up with some magic.

      Whoever knows what happened , please update us.

      • Am looking forward to game they will play for Vicente,
        Oba he was swallowed by the big fish in the see…
        or some one rescued him and he is hiding him…
        Or he did not drown, he swam across the ocean but he is lost!

        Whatever, the case am just waiting to see where he has been hiding.

  48. Seems like I’m the only guy to be commenting in here. OMG am I the only guy who love to watch two sides of anna?

    Thanks Akoola for creating this blog. As many of us have requested, we would be pleased if you could add a summary of the story so far.

    Btw, seems like the names differ. Who is Eliane? Is that Mrs. Gracialla’s grand daughter? Her name is Irene in the version that I watch. And who is Piero?

    • I would not be sure about that.(Ashille.. to be the only guy here….) You can be surprised.
      Well it’s monday again and i can’t wait for the show to start see you soon friends.

      These weeks have been tight so relaxing to a sweet soap in the evening is what i need.
      God bless you all.


  50. pliz i like the soap so much en i would like u guys to send me a full stroy of the two sides of you

  51. What happens to irene’s marriage to rafeal?.
    How did Viciente gain his senses?
    Dis bustimante the father get out of jail?
    What happens to ignacio?
    How did ana and Rafaeal reconcile




  55. the soap has got the best message, however the episodes can not be traced on the net. i admire Anna ,katty, vaniah

    • Currently Rafael is revenging on Irene …
      Inginasio is in Jail for drug trafficking.
      And Katty is alito too close to Vicente….
      May be alito love will grow. They enjoy each other.
      Ana is still engaged to Santiago.

  56. Irene and Ignacio deserve to rot in jail.Love always takes us back to the right people that is why Anna will go to Gustavo and God will bless them with triplets.

    Thanks Akoola for all the updates you make my day in office when its a tough day at work.

  57. Irene will end up in jail just she deserves to be there with Ignacio and then Ana will end up Gustavo though i feel pity on Santiago then Ithink that katty will end up with Vicente

  58. of all the telenovelas that i’ve watched, i’ve never enjoyed any as i’ve enjoyed the two sides of ana. i mean the girl is just amazing. her character was well portrait with confidence and very high self-esteem. she was the strongest woman i’ve ever seen in my life. although i’m a guy she helped me realize how important it really is to stand your ground and never let anything shake you. she was not rich yet she had what is consider of less significance nowadays. love for one oneself. respecting your own believe and fighting for what is yours. she taught me a lesson indeed. revenge is the taste of a dish served cold.

  59. two sides of anna was so much interesting
    just want anna and gustavo together,
    what happened to natalia eric’s galfreind

  60. its toooooooo cool this film ………its w0w…….both ana N rafael are toooo g00d…….i just l0ve it…….its very intersting……the caracter that ana has is fabulous……i wish i were like her…..i wish i could play well like her N be next to rafael……g00d keep it up………..In all the serisls i have watched it is the more interesting and lovely………i like the way in which ana fights for justice to be done to her mother,brother and her freind marcia…………Irene also has a good caracter …..the kinda of jealous…..,,to get rafael…..that matches her very wellll……………….. Anna from Mauritius……

  61. i just love ignasio even if he is the bad man what i like about him is his eyes . They are so expressive . i like the way he look at ana it’s as if he will devour her…….. i also like katty, vicente, eric, leo and sophia…… as for ana and raphael they are made for each other…..

  62. The two sides of Ana is indeed a great serial.I watch it from Monday to Friday and I even run on the road to come back home from University even if it’s to watch the 2 last minutes of the soap!!I think Ana loves Rafael but I surely feel sorry for Santiago,he’s a nice guy who desrves love too.Kathy did well not to accept Marcus back in her life,it’s hard to digest an illegitimate relationship between one’s husband and “best friend”.Tina has been a tramp all throughout the soap,that’s my opinion about her.I heard that Vicente and Kathy get together,it’s a great twist in the story.Irene just has to pay for what she did!I just hate her!She was responsible for Claudia’s death,it shows how low she can stoop.And I have to add that Eric has a cuuuuuttiiiieeee pie,that’s indeed a sweet baby.I wish to know what happens to Irene,please keep me posted.Thanks…Natasha from Muaritius.

  63. here in Uganda the last episode was played yesterday, am very sorry because it has ended i wished it was still there. My life had changed because there was nothing like watching this film.
    Anna you are a lady with all the qualities,you suffered alot and you deserve all the love from Rafael Bustamante, Catthy Anna has helped you and made you what you are thank her

  64. Hi Akoola, thanks for the updates. Plis help me know whay happened when Tina went on the pick up and what to Irene when she ran with Tina’s money cos i think that is where i stopped. Just dieing to hear from you,thanks alot

    • I had taken off some weeks with out watching.
      But the ending my dear did it for me.

      So good.
      But i did not like how they rushed through everything.

      And Santiago, he fell in love that was his at last… i loved that.

  65. How did the film end? I wanted to know how anna comes back from the hide from naso destromante.
    will there be another part of the film?

  66. the film already ends here in Mauritius a smal paradise island in the Indian Ocean. if I tell how the film ends that would not be surprise

  67. shad from malindi i need to know how did it end, because i stopped watching the episode when the channel NTV was transfered to DSTV that way i need to know the flow of the episode(2 side of anah)

  68. shad from malindi i need to know how did it end, because i stopped watching the episode when the channel NTV was transferred to DSTV thats way i need to know the flow of the episode(2 side of Anah)

  69. it is d best film i ever seen in my life, ANA is a great artress but erene is a bad guid, she deserve to suffer.

  70. hi guyz!I xtrmly love zis serial ol las dos caras de ana!!So romantik ana n raphael!N i hate irene 2,she iz so bad!ana is a gr8 actor!N z song collector is w0onderful!!

  71. hety what a film a love the how anna take its revenge with ignacio i love the how its defende the memory of its family.

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  73. The two sides of anna is quite intriguing an so surreal i very much adore it. Anna is such a great actress, my favourites re rebecca, vecente, denisio, leo and adrian. They most trustworthy people in d film. So akoola do us a favour an put film in to context for me an my Gambian pals overhere. Right fro d begining to d end. So lovely eno.

  74. oh i love d movie is one of d best i ever come across. i fancy d way rebeca, tina and umperto speak. How did umperto feel when he find out that egnacio is not his bilogical son?

    • Diverstated but he was court.
      Every thing was a mess.

      But as they day,
      The bad guy goes down with time.
      Soon it was Ignacio’s turn… with no one by his side.

  75. Well, what better shelters from boredom, thought and bring laughter and joy than a movie that is well planned, acted and the realities of life incorporated? the dilemmas, experience and plights that Ana treads and ultimately surpass are indeed the ambiguities of the world we live in, at one point life can mean to be different. The zeal, intelligence and self control that Ana exhibits are true assets to overcome a world problem. No wonder Ignatio is rotting in jail – there is always a price for both evil and good.

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