“El Cuerpo del Deseo” (SECOND CHANCE)

“El Cuerpo del Deseo” (SECOND CHANCE)

These days, men expose so much passion for foot ball, and actually the say “if you want a divorce, stand in front of the screen when there is a penult!” But the same goes for trying to change channel when a woman is watching her soap… especially when some evil is about to be reveled!

Of late there is a soap showing on NTV that has made many men in our lives jealous! I wonder why? It’s just a TV show, until a friend reminded me that Salvador (Mario Cimarro) is hot, a woman would do anything to have a guy like that! He is young, muscular, and hard-working.

SECOND CHANCE: "El Cuerpo del Deseo"

Truth is lots of men won’t understand why a woman would watch all those soaps that end the same way “the evil ones dies, or they end up in a mental hospital or prison, and the love birds get married!”, just like some woman would not understand why men will spend all day watching a couple of guys running around with a ball, when he can’t even kick it him self!


An old, stupendously wealthy septuagenarian ‘falls’ in love with an ambitious and calculating girl, old enough to be his daughter, then it is as good for that man as falling into his sudden grave.

When he dies his spirit takes over another man’s body, and he has to live with his family again… it was another chance for him to know who loved him and who hated him.

May be that is why it’s called “second chance”.

Anyway fellow women, here there is a like to a full story of “El Cuerpo del Deseo” (SECOND CHANCE) use this link;http://www.telenovelastories.tv/?p=69


The Two Sides of Ana

The Two Sides of Ana

There are soaps that don’t start with enough drama to keep you at yo toes. And “The Two Sides of Ana” was that, to me, until last weekend! Oh my I could not wait to watch the next move!

That was beautiful.

 Ana in 'The Two Sides of Ana'

Ana in 'The Two Sides of Ana'

Overview of “The Two Sides of Ana”

“The Two Sides of Ana” a story of a woman that lost her mother and brother due to the cruelty of the Bustamante brothers. She decides to carryout an audacious plan to destroy their privileged lives. Passing as an elegant and sophisticated woman, Ana soon finds herself in the middle of a fervid love triangle. But an unexpected encounter with actor Piero Landa brings true love and happiness into her life.until she discovers that Piero’s real identity is Rafael Bustamante.


Playing Housewife!

 Housewife (Net Picture)

Housewife (Net Picture)

On Monday i went back home and i found my house in a mess, when i say a mess i really mean that or may be it’s not a word enough to explain what was happening. Anyway i had to send my housemaid packing.

This gave me an opportunity to stay at home and play ‘housewife’, i took leave to take care of my family. Trust me i now understand ‘desperate housewives’ is real.

I had to wake up early than usual to prepare for my kids that are running to school.

Once everyone has gone, i had to clean up, clean the house, wash clothes, wash utensils, and anything dirty around.

By the time am through with that, its time to fix lunch, pick kids from school.

After lunch, it’s time to iron, ironing on a hot sunny day has never been fun… well to me, it has never.

It’s around 10pm and i have to prepare dinner, ‘I have to cook some food, make juice, evening tea… a lot of work to be done!’ i said to my self. However am tired, and yet after dinner i will have more to wash… i took a breath.

I came to notice some things.

By the time you retire from your daily activities around the house, your too tired.

As soon everyone leaves the house you start thinking about their coming back.

You will take care of everyone apart from yourself.

I need to reduce my expectations from my next maid, being home all day is as hectic as running around office.

This story was told to me by a friend.
Hope she is not alone.
(..doesn’t enjoy being a housewife).



Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly

Who has not stopped to see my beauty?
Who has not watched me fly from one flower to flower?
Who has not tried to catch me ?

Am beautiful,
I know it,
You know it,
And you can’t catch me.

As i spread my wings,
Am saying,
Thank you lord.

Thank you,
For the wings,
For the beauty,
And for making me smart.

Next time i pass by,
i know you will be waiting,
Waiting to see me,
or even to catch me..
but am smart!

I remind you of nature,
love, peace, and tranquility.
And that is my duty.

Off i go,
Till next time.
I know u have missed me.