Chasing a love in the wind.

It a good feeling to smell fresh air, you spread your arms take in much as you can but this seems to be different when start chasing the love in the wind.

This love takes you by surprise and you feel so high, as tho’ your flying on eagles wings… before you take a sip of it… your flying alone. And if you are one of people i know who takes that as a ‘challenge’ to overcome, you will do all you can to get that love.

To begin with, you can’t explain what you feel, but it’s something so good that you want to hold, but the other part of you will be like, ‘this is wrong…’then you will struggle to make it right just in the name of feeling good one more time

You will run with the wind, but the problem is, it’s only you who feels the pain, anyone else will wonder how, why, or even tell you how crazy you are!

Unfortunately it will never be right, you will always have one more hope that one day it will be right, but will just end up being so annoyed with yourself. You feel you have failed to archive what you heart yearns for.

If it’s your 1st time to feel it, you would definitely feel, this is the best feeling you have ever felt! But just know a part of does not agree to it. The best you can do is to let go of the wind… let it pass!

It’s hard, but not all good things that pass by are meant to be kept. Others are just to wake us up. Help us appreciate somethings that life has offered us.

Let the wind pass, it has served it’s purpose. That love that is not accepted by you is not meant to be kept in your heart. It will not make you happy. The moment feels good but you can’t smile about it!

That love is bonded in the wind and just like you can’t catch the wind… you can’t hold on to that love.

Till next time, Celebrate love… and let the wind pass by.
Hope am speaking to some one.

5 thoughts on “Chasing a love in the wind.

  1. Hello Benie
    You are a star. This really looks wonderful. And that article, well i did not know you are such a good writer. I do not know much about love but I agree with you.
    This is wonderful.
    Keep it up

  2. Reading this article again, and i was like…
    “What was i thinking at that time?”

    Well it doesn’t matter anymore.
    I just loved it more.

    I must say,
    “I have a seed to plant in writing…”.

  3. Well Bene;
    I am certainly blown by the amount of writting that you are doing. there is certainly talent here which you definately must tap.

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