The fear of love..

Many say love is the greatest and most powerful thing in the world, but has anyone ever imagined how powerful it is? Or how much courage, trust, faith, strength, sacrifice that comes with love?

Love is a nuclear weapon, to many it heals, and to some it has destroyed them… I don’t know how love can destroy, but i know it has made many scared. Lots of people are scared of that love package.

True love is a free gift, you don’t feel empty when you love someone… but have you ever wondered why people fear love?

To me those that say they fear the love package, don’t even know what it means… and may be, they don’t even love themselves.

They don’t feel their worth to be loved, they always assume they will be rejected. And they end up being so depressed for the rest of their life.

Others are blinded by their own pride, You feel your doing others a favor! First of all, there is no love in you, you feel your giving too much than you receive, or you are getting less than you deserve! Have you asked yourself why your in that relationship before you count what you have invested in it?

Others, are still holding on to their past, yes you may claim… it’s all gone, but if your are scared of commitments that come with love… then your past is on your forehead. You simply don’t want to disappointed again, or the wounds are still fresh.

And some are actually scared of responsibilities… to those please accept that your not mature enough. With love, you are expected to share, care and much more.

Love is beautiful… that is what i can say. Make a step to love, start with yourself, then you will understand how you should love your neighbors.

6 thoughts on “The fear of love..

  1. hi…this is nice. i just don’t know how you would describe the relationship i am into right now. lol!

    even i don’t know if what i’m feeling is really love or just an infatuation….

  2. thanks a lot! actually, it’s quite long to share and it’s complicated. what i’ve posted in all my blogs (i just signed up, actually) is all about it. and right now, i want to end this relationship i’m into.

    thank you for the warm welcome!

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