Reaching out to others.

2Kings 5:1.

Some of us believe others are closer to God, and when they pray… “God acts faster”… This has created pride in Christians. Where is our faith church. Naaman was saved by a little girl they had captured as a slave. We need to surrender our selves and let God work in us.

When the little girl told Naaman that go to the ling of isreal he will heal your disease… Naaman could have laughed it off. After all what does this little girl know!

Naaman just rushed to his king and told him what the little girl had said.. Then Naaman was sent to the king of Israel with so many gifts for his healing.

The king of Israel was so annoyed… “Am i God to heal?” and he tore his clothes apart. At times we don’t know how great we can be.

The little girl knew that if Naaman went to Israel, he would be healed. And the king must be knowing the prophet of God.

Naaman must have been disappointed with the king, and may be lost hope that he will ever be healed. Right at that moment, Elisha sent a message to the king “… send him to me and i will show him that there is a prophet in Israel”.

Before Naaman , could even meet Elisha, Elisha sent him a message… “Go and wash in Jordan, seven times, and you will be healed.”

Naaman at that point did not like the game, Elisha did not even touch him! But his savants asked him to do what ever the prophet had asked him.He washed and he was healed.

At times we need to encourage each other…

Naaman came back to Elisha to ofter him gifts, but he refused them… However Gehaza got greedy.. ran after Naaman and got some gifts from them.

Gehaza was cursed with Naaman’s disease.. “it was not yet time for accepting money, clothes, olive groves, and vineyards, sheep and cattle or savants”

Much us others appreciate what you have done for them, take time to receive things from them. You never know the danger your caring home.

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