What is love?

If we were to talk about love, express love, share love… trust me this world would be a better place for every one. But i must say that it’s wrong to for some of us to claim love love for one day in a year.

Yes one day is better than nothing, but some how we are settling for less. To make things worse we get it wrong even on that one day. We range from sex plans, hotels, flowers, chocolate… bla bla…

Am not saying those are bad, but it’s wrong to equate love to sex, to flowers… i call that mixing love in our own confusion.

Then we keep on asking our selves many questions.

Is love a feeling?
Yes love involves feelings tho it’s not all about feelings.

Is love a choice?
Yes we chose to love. we get a good feeling abt something and then we love it?

Love is also a commitment. It’s something u chose with all yo heart, mind and soul. well body inclusive.

1 cor 1:13: Teaches us about love, and what love is… and we simply need to search in our hearts and see if we really love when we day we do!.

Characteristics of love.
You can give everything but with out love, it all amounts to nothing. God Himself is Love, he gave out his only son for me and you to be saved… I have never known any love greater than that.

Anyway lets move to love as we compare ourselves with love and see how perfect or wrong we are.

Love is Patience: Patience is a long, enduring, surfering. Being able to take time, give space, stay calm, accept delay with out complaining. Honestly it’s not easy, but it can be done. and that is what love is.

Love is Kind: Caring more for others, with a tender heart. Reaching out to others, esp’ those that need our help. at times those we think don’t need help need most of it.

Love doesn’t Envy: OH my, have u ever felt you want what others have, you want to in the situation they are in? Well that is envy. It brings unrealistic expectations, and makes others feel as tho they are not good enough… or as though they are not doing enough. Bottom line it frustrates, those around you.

Love doesn’t Boast: Talking in a very proud way about what you can do? well as tho you are the only one who can ever do that anyway! I bet you can reach to an extent of says ‘with out me man, yo nothing! It’s me who has made you. I will quite and we will see…’ Oh my, we brag too much! “You know, me i fast for two weeks! Am a good christian!” Come on Jesus did it for 40days. Lets come down and love and forget what we can do for our loved ones… and focus more on what we want to share with them.

Love is not Proud: If you feel yo better than others. You are running into trouble. You don’t want to be criticized, for u feel your always right, you know it all. Man lets agree that we don’t even know how many hairs are on our head! We all have some good amount of pride that we have keep putting down. It’s in an attitude in our hearts not because of what we have… as we always assume. Lets love people.

Love is not Rude Showing no respect for other peoples feelings. If yo rude, pray no one ever becomes rude to you. It hurts so badly. Lets learn to consider others, their feelings and respect them. At times we claim to pay attention to our friends when we are miles away.. that is rude.

Love is not self-seeking: If you always look for things that matter to you in a friendship, or a relationship! Your are in a wrong place… it’s not about what you get out of it, but because of what u can give. The hand that gives is always on top. And God loves a cheerful giver. You know what u need to do.”give cheerfully”

It is not Easily Angered: Some of us we use words like; Don’t dare, don’t mess with me, you better stop that before i…. We tend to fly over the handle. We need to manage our anger. We all get angry but we don’t act out of anger. It’s something that scares away our loved ones

It keeps no record of wrong: We always keep stuff of yesterday, the other day, week, month, year… but love does not pay attention to every bad thing that happens. With love you forgive and declare that even tho you may not forget, you wont hold yo loved ones accountable for what ever happened.

It doesn’t delight in evil: Love doesn’t delight in evil but in the truth. Some of us claim… we are so much in love… we could not help it! God in heaven what have u just said. Because of love you have just sined! NO. Love stimulates what is right.

Always Protects: When you are in love you find your self speaking of, We are in this together, than, it’s yo problem solve it! You stand with each other in what ever situation you are in. There no insecure feelings cos your sure your together.

Always Trusts: Trust leaves no room for suspicion. It’s not health to live like a suspect always conscious of every move yo to make. We always suspect bad things are about to happen.

Always Hopes: We need to believe what God says. He has a good plan for you.. so lets hope that something good is about to happen. We need to believe in our students teachers, parents, and friends.

Always prevails: Love endures everything with out weakening actually love grows with hardships. If you ask God to help you overcome.. you are adding little beat of love. When the storm finally calms down you feel renewed. Even when things do not happen as you want them… your still thankful with hope that something beautiful will come through. That is love.

Love Never Fails: No matter what, be it a heavy storm, Love always wins. Love never gives up on you. Just like God never abandon us. Love never fails.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, lets love just as God wants us to.

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