Human’s Disobedience

Human’s Disobedience

Gen: 3:1.

When sin comes your way u look at things differently, actually everything looks beautiful.

You don’t realise how foolish and hopeless it is until yo into it all feeling guilty and ashamed. And then u begin to lose your way.

We as humans we always focus on pleasure, just to sastify our desires. The devil wish no one good, and it will never… not even to you. You may feel happy, but that is for a short while.

Most of the times we find ourselves in trouble simply because we don’t appreciate what we already have. God had given Adam and Eve everything, but instead of being thankful, they disobeyed him.

The moment you sin the devil starts laughing at you, and you start hiding away from God! Sorry for you God is every where you can’t hide anywhere.

We need to seek God, pray, and the Lord will help you throught it all. We need to stop looking for someone to blame, but instead turn to God with a repentant heart.

We are so greedy and impatient, God is the provider, but we never ask! We want things done so we go our way to do them… and when we fail to get what we wanted we feel so depressed and start crying out..”where was God when i was surfering?” We need to ask God other that crying over our mistakes.

We also need to accept the reality. These situations around us are so temporally. Every decisions we make affects our future. Lets learn to thank God and seek him to show us the light as we walk through our daily lives.

Turn to God and repent if something goes wrong. He is always ready and willing to forgive us.

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