Chasing a love in the wind.

It a good feeling to smell fresh air, you spread your arms take in much as you can but this seems to be different when start chasing the love in the wind.

This love takes you by surprise and you feel so high, as tho’ your flying on eagles wings… before you take a sip of it… your flying alone. And if you are one of people i know who takes that as a ‘challenge’ to overcome, you will do all you can to get that love.

To begin with, you can’t explain what you feel, but it’s something so good that you want to hold, but the other part of you will be like, ‘this is wrong…’then you will struggle to make it right just in the name of feeling good one more time

You will run with the wind, but the problem is, it’s only you who feels the pain, anyone else will wonder how, why, or even tell you how crazy you are!

Unfortunately it will never be right, you will always have one more hope that one day it will be right, but will just end up being so annoyed with yourself. You feel you have failed to archive what you heart yearns for.

If it’s your 1st time to feel it, you would definitely feel, this is the best feeling you have ever felt! But just know a part of does not agree to it. The best you can do is to let go of the wind… let it pass!

It’s hard, but not all good things that pass by are meant to be kept. Others are just to wake us up. Help us appreciate somethings that life has offered us.

Let the wind pass, it has served it’s purpose. That love that is not accepted by you is not meant to be kept in your heart. It will not make you happy. The moment feels good but you can’t smile about it!

That love is bonded in the wind and just like you can’t catch the wind… you can’t hold on to that love.

Till next time, Celebrate love… and let the wind pass by.
Hope am speaking to some one.


Reaching out to others.

2Kings 5:1.

Some of us believe others are closer to God, and when they pray… “God acts faster”… This has created pride in Christians. Where is our faith church. Naaman was saved by a little girl they had captured as a slave. We need to surrender our selves and let God work in us.

When the little girl told Naaman that go to the ling of isreal he will heal your disease… Naaman could have laughed it off. After all what does this little girl know!

Naaman just rushed to his king and told him what the little girl had said.. Then Naaman was sent to the king of Israel with so many gifts for his healing.

The king of Israel was so annoyed… “Am i God to heal?” and he tore his clothes apart. At times we don’t know how great we can be.

The little girl knew that if Naaman went to Israel, he would be healed. And the king must be knowing the prophet of God.

Naaman must have been disappointed with the king, and may be lost hope that he will ever be healed. Right at that moment, Elisha sent a message to the king “… send him to me and i will show him that there is a prophet in Israel”.

Before Naaman , could even meet Elisha, Elisha sent him a message… “Go and wash in Jordan, seven times, and you will be healed.”

Naaman at that point did not like the game, Elisha did not even touch him! But his savants asked him to do what ever the prophet had asked him.He washed and he was healed.

At times we need to encourage each other…

Naaman came back to Elisha to ofter him gifts, but he refused them… However Gehaza got greedy.. ran after Naaman and got some gifts from them.

Gehaza was cursed with Naaman’s disease.. “it was not yet time for accepting money, clothes, olive groves, and vineyards, sheep and cattle or savants”

Much us others appreciate what you have done for them, take time to receive things from them. You never know the danger your caring home.


My love’s portaint.

I will paint yo’ heart red
I will paint yo’ eyes white
I will paint yo’ sky blue
And I will paint yo’ dress green

I will paint red, to say that i love you,
With white, to say that it’s true
With blue, to say that i need you,
And green, to say that it’s alive.

I will paint with roses
I will paint with lilies,
I will paint with violets
I will paint with Cycas.

I will paint with love,
and cover it with love.
And that will be,
My love’s portrait.


The fear of love..

Many say love is the greatest and most powerful thing in the world, but has anyone ever imagined how powerful it is? Or how much courage, trust, faith, strength, sacrifice that comes with love?

Love is a nuclear weapon, to many it heals, and to some it has destroyed them… I don’t know how love can destroy, but i know it has made many scared. Lots of people are scared of that love package.

True love is a free gift, you don’t feel empty when you love someone… but have you ever wondered why people fear love?

To me those that say they fear the love package, don’t even know what it means… and may be, they don’t even love themselves.

They don’t feel their worth to be loved, they always assume they will be rejected. And they end up being so depressed for the rest of their life.

Others are blinded by their own pride, You feel your doing others a favor! First of all, there is no love in you, you feel your giving too much than you receive, or you are getting less than you deserve! Have you asked yourself why your in that relationship before you count what you have invested in it?

Others, are still holding on to their past, yes you may claim… it’s all gone, but if your are scared of commitments that come with love… then your past is on your forehead. You simply don’t want to disappointed again, or the wounds are still fresh.

And some are actually scared of responsibilities… to those please accept that your not mature enough. With love, you are expected to share, care and much more.

Love is beautiful… that is what i can say. Make a step to love, start with yourself, then you will understand how you should love your neighbors.


If you could see beyond the line.

If you could see beyond the line,
You could see that
There is a something more than a thread
More bigger than a line.

You could see how much i love you,
How much i care about you
If you could see beyond the line
You will know that there is much more.

The line is so thin,
And you feel there is nothing
Or you see that thin line,
Just look a little closer.

Beyond that line,
There is my treasure.

Beyond that line,
There lives my love.

Beyond that line,
There lives a part of me.

Come on see beyond the line.

By me’

Inspired by a movie.


Could u be.

I can hear the words,
Though i can’t see
Where you are calling from.

I see you in my dreams,
You talk to me…
Holding my hand.

Could you be,
Could you be my love,
Tell me,
Come’on tell me.

I see tears of joy in yo eyes,
And a bright light from the sky,
It’s like God is smiling at us.

Could you be my love,
The love of my life,
Or it’s just a dream.

By me’


Sweet Voice

I can here a voice
It’s from a far,
It’s like in my mind.

It’s a sweet voice,
Filling the sky with love,
But it just a voice.

It comforts the lonely,
Celebrates with achievers,
Feels the heart with joy.

It’s a sweet voice
It’s a radio
Reaching out to every one.

This radio with a sweet voice,
Feeling the sky with love,
Reaching out to it’s unknown friends.

Tune to the radio,
Listen to the sweet voice
Experience the beauty of a voice.

By Benie’


Just Wacthing

The day looks calm
Am am just watching
Taking a stand to wait

The wind is blowing
Throwing every leaf off the branch
Leaving no leaf attached,
And we are watching

The children are being killed,
Women being raped,
Men being killed
And we are watching

Our eyes are blind
Nothing seems wrong
Even our hearts are dead
We feel nothing

Renew us lord,
Rebuild our hearts to feel the pain
Open our eyes to see the tears
Refresh our body to feel the wounds

Help us accept what is lost
Give us strength to fight this wind
To bring back what belong to us.

Lets fight for our children,
Lets fight for our dignity
And human rights

Let’s wait no more
But work each day to restore
what is lost
For it’s us
To make a difference.