Fighting to reduce weight.

If you are fighting to reduce weight, i have a word for you. Weight loss is not about eating less, when your body needs more are even running around for a month.

These days, there are even tablets that people take to cut weight! My dear freinds do you know the science behind that tablet?

What doest it contain that can burn your fat down in 1 week?

Am sorry if i sound like i have little faith in them, but come’on do you really have to go through all that to feel good about your self!

If you are to exercise, please go on , but don’t run around and expect a miracle to show up in one week. How to you expect the fat you have accumulated in 10 years to reduce in one week?

Be patient about your exercises, and please avoid tablets for weight loss if you can. Try as much as you can to use the food you ate. If you eat and sleep all day from Monday to Monday… what do you expect your body to do other than converting that food into fat.

Above all never stop exercises, It helps your body and mind!

Good luck pipo,


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